How Social Media Changed my Life 

by Tasnim Bohri

“The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!” – that’s the quote that we have been brought up listening to.  But in our modern world, ‘the Pen’ has become a thing of the past, books have been replaced by websites, emails, along with other learning and expressive resources available on the internet & social media … Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so many more.

Just a twiddling of your thumbs and fingers on the mobile screen and the entire world is accessible to us today. I, personally am so grateful that – I am here at this stage in life – where social media knowingly, unknowingly have become an integral part of my daily life and routine!

Frankly, I am still in awe of this entire ‘Digital Revolution’ … right from what is going on all over your country to the ‘World News’ – all information is suddenly so easily accessible to each one of us – and this change has brought on a new kind of ‘Awareness & Awakening’ in the minds of our current generations. Right from being able to work and earn from the comfort of our homes or being able to book for our tours and travels; from accessing every kind of information to a one-on-one connect – it’s all just become a possibility easily within our reach.

Welcome to My Digital World

I, for one, am a huge fan of all the possible social media available to me. It’s as if I live in a ‘Digital World’ of my own every day where:

  • Google is my Teacher
  • YouTube is my Classroom
  • Facebook is my Assembly
  • And WhatsApp is my Forum

In my digital world, I get to revise every subject, every life-decision, every topic of interest with my close acquaintances and friends.

Those close to me know that I reside in the nature’s glory called ‘Lonavla’, which is a hillside, resort-town, between Mumbai & Pune. Though I enjoy my life in a small-town, till a decade back I used to feel a slight disconnect with my friends in the metros – which has now been replaced with this ‘digital link’ that plugs me – right into the center of all the friend-circles I want to connect with every day.

And Why do I feel this Connect Today?  

Because of this medium called ‘Online Social Media’ – I can say that – I have found my ‘Inner Calling’! Be it connecting with friends or be it getting introduced to my own ‘Inner Potential’ – Social Media gave me the wings that I needed to fly.

I know – some might think – it’s a bit uncommon to write a whole lot about one’s own self for a public blog. But this being my first attempt it’s a kind of an introduction to who I am and my inner calling! You could say – it’s my way of reaching out and connecting with my online friends and readers, from all over the world. Without this medium, I would not have realised I could play around with the ‘magic’ of ‘Words’ and ‘Ideas’. My life was centred around my light reading material, my pencils and my sketch-pad, wherein I doodled at every possible opportunity. But now I have discovered my passion – ‘Words’ – to be more specific the beauty of ‘Written Words’ – how to express yourself creatively through your writing.

In a way I can say – Social Media has introduced ‘Me to Myself’ – in more ways than one!

The Impact of Social Media

I can go on and on about my ‘path of self-discovery’ and the role of Social Media – but I would also like to write a bit about the general “Impact of Social Media”.  

To begin with – two words that cross my mind are – “Profound Impact”. Now, of course it depends on how you approach this sensitive medium – to understand, explore and express yourself. More importantly, with every broadening of the horizon – comes an additional sense of responsibility. So to be able to use this available tool wisely and positively becomes very essential.

For example, while one is:

  • Being out there
  • Being accessible online
  • Being a faceless entity

To allow our ideas to flow freely into the virtual world – one has to be aware of one’s responsibility as a writer. You should be clear and confident enough – to get a grip on what is your purpose – what you stand to achieve by sharing a part of you in the online world. There will always be a minus to every plus. So when you address a topic of interest – what ‘words’ you choose & pick – what ‘language’ you adopt to express yourself – in a way determines who you become in the online world. People get to know you through your ‘words’ and your ‘online presence’.

Choose your Words Wisely

Me for one – I have chosen the possibility & opportunity for ‘Happiness’ through this medium. And I feel I am fortunate – that I am able to live up to my decision. A ‘seeker at heart’ – I seek happiness in every relationship and in everything I share. I feel that’s the key that I have managed to stay firm on my resolution. And like a ‘little flag that unfurls’ as it catches the wind – I too feel I have unfurled – raked up some happy moments – while also creating an opportunity to spread some happiness to others too!

I shall end my monologue and brief introduction here for now. Until its time again for my next blog – may be giving out a few tips on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media and its Impacts’! So thank you everyone – for reading my blog – and for having the faith and confidence in me and for allowing me this Opportunity to connect with you.

Au- Revoir!  

Tasnim Bohri

Living her dream of sharing her views on everything beautiful and joyful in life – through Social Media – every single day. Enjoys the company of her friends and family the most – but also loves a dynamic social life, especially one that binds and keeps people together. Loves a good life, good food, and good friends. Friends from all over the world – remember her for her unique birthday collages, videos, artwork, poetry and creativity – creativity of all kinds interests and drives her, every day.

Tasnim is a passionate writer and artist. If you like her work and would like to connect with her for her work:

Attribution for images:,, Pexels. com

49 thoughts on “How Social Media Changed my Life ”

  1. Wow is the only word which comes to my mind!

    Tasnim a great beginning 👍👍👍

    Keep going …you have it in you👌

    Salil Sahasrabudhe.

  2. Hi tasnim.. It was an absolute wonder reading your blog.. Excellently expressed.. Few words but powerful and to the point..
    Hope to read more of your blogs in future..
    Rashida Juzar
    (Your friend in Senoritas)

  3. Excellent work, well put up, everyone is affected by social media, revived lost contacts over the years, truly it has shrunk the world in your palms…..

    1. O yeah Rajan
      Actually its always been Magical experience for me .. i m still Awestruck of it All 😇
      Thank u so much for the Compliment too ,
      It matters 💐🙏😊

  4. Wow tasu excellent you have expressed you self in a beautiful way nice reading your block keep it up proud to have a frd llke you

    1. Thank u Batul . ..
      happy and proud to have all of you too
      Friends do make a whole lot of difference in life 🌹🥰💞

  5. Wishing you a great journey in finding urself…. what strikes me the most is the childlike innocent and honest expression of emotions….way to go girl 🤘

    1. 😍Aww .. Thank u So much 🌹🥰
      Have Always been Emotional When it Comes to any form of Expression 🙏💞

  6. Tasneem great work
    Best of luck for your future blogs
    I knew you were a great artist but now even a great writer very well written. WOW

    1. Thank u farida 💞
      Just an Amateur but Heartfelt Attempt !
      Thanks to All you friends who believe in me and in whatever i Do !!
      Truly matters 🌹😘

    1. Ahh .. Thank you so much Mr Balsara !!
      Your Say truly matters 👍💐
      And Thank u for taking the time out to read !!

  7. A wonderful writer and artist
    Very well worded blog
    Keep going
    Looking forward to more write ups from you
    God bless you

  8. Too good Tasnim ……uve always been d best where expressions r concerned ….its an art …Gods gift …..not all of us have ….keep moving ahead …God bless u dear .

    1. Hello Durri 💞
      Thank u so much darling
      Yeah one more Fun and expressive side newly introduced
      i kinda like being an Onion
      So Peel away 😁😉😉

    1. Thank you Dipti 💞
      Yes one other subject that truly Interest me
      Besides many more !!
      Thank u for taking the time out to read
      Inspite of your busy schedule
      Means a lot

  9. Hey Tasneem,
    Felt great to read your blog, giving words to your feelings and sharing publicly is an amazing spirit. Your charming personality will now spread charm with words. Looking forward to read more👌👍✍️

    1. Thank u so much Amena
      Thanx for the motivation too
      Thanx for taking the time out to read
      It truly matters

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